Scholarship and Book Award Information


The NAASC Decatur Chapter Scholarship was established in 2000 to be awarded to Spelman students in need of financial assistance who meet the criteria specified by the chapter. The criteria for the scholarship includes but is not limited to: academic achievement, community service, and residential requirements. Scholarship administration, including student selection, is done by Spelman College. Students desiring more information regarding this scholarship should contact Spelman College.

Contributions to this scholarship are welcome and are tax exempt. Spelman Alumnae contributions count towards the alumna annual donation totals. Be sure to indicate that the donation is for the NAASC Decatur Chapter Scholarship so that your funds are correctly allocated. To donate to the scholarship click on the following link: Spelman college web site
We thank you in advance for helping us provide financial support to Spelman students

Book Award

The NAASC Decatur Chapter Book Award was established in 1998 to provide students with funds to help with the purchase of books and classroom materials. Over the years the chapter has awarded over $20,000 to incoming Spelman students from the Decatur/Dekalb and surrounding areas. The chapter presents the book awards at their annual reception for the incoming students. The reception takes place a week or two before the students report to Spelman College. The recipients are invited to apply for the book award and must complete an application during the book award processing period to be considered. This is a competitive award and applicants are screened based on their submitted application. The chapter selects up to 4 or 5 students for the awards which range from $300 to $1000. In 2007 the annual reception was named in honor of Mrs. Mignon Lackey Lewis, c'51 and in 2018 a special book award was named in honor of Mrs. Patricia Graham Johnson, c'73.